Experience the villa of Koh Samui

With two million coconut palms and almost the same perfect plumage, Koh Samui villas are surrounded by an unusual exotic beauty, only 52 miles off the east coast of Thailand. Rental Koh Samui will take you into the heart of a peaceful lifestyle and pilgrimage that is the main thrust of this ancient fishing port, but the action is around every corner of those who are looking for it.

Experience the villa of Koh Samui

If you feel a break on the coast, there is plenty to explore on Koh Samui. Try jungle trekking or snorkeling at the popular Chaweng Beach. Take a look at the statue of the Great Buddha, happy on its mountain slope, or treat yourself to a traditional Thai spa treatment. Villa Koh Samui<st also feature Thai customs, with Zen-inspired decor, roof railing architecture and sleek Asian lines. All this, plus wireless internet; It is not utopia, but close to it.

villa Koh Samui

Thailand’s third largest island, Koh Samui, is only 21 km in the widest location and 25 km long. The interior consists of limestone hills and the coast consists of numerous beaches and a bay with coconut palms.
Traditional coconut plantation and fishing retreat have become the most important occasion goal with standard associations with Bangkok and non-stop flights from Hong Kong and Singapore in recent years. Despite the rapid development, Samui is small enough to maintain its charm and modest size, making it a comfortable and relaxed place even during the busy seasons.

It’s all about the beaches

Like the beautiful beaches, Samui is known for its recreation, relaxation and good food. The blue waters of the Thai bay offer an abundance of opportunities for water sports, while on the mainland the island is respected for its professional health and relaxation centers and health training. Fresh seafood is a specialty in most of the Samui restaurants, but you can enjoy food from almost every corner of the world thanks to the strong international influences of the island.
Every Samui beach has its own character and ambience. The beaches on the east coast of Chaweng and Lamai are busy shopping with everything from beach vendors to fast food chains while Bang Rak and Bo Phut to the north have a relaxed atmosphere in the village. Beaches like Lipa Noi and Laem On the west and south coast’s feel so far and untouched.
Koh Samui adds comfort and convenience with a true sense of escape, making it a popular choice for both residential and tourist activities. The island is an eclectic mix of nature and refinement, which every year attracts repeat visitors to familiarize themselves with their tropical pleasures

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