Things You Will Find on Koh Samui Resorts Island

Koh Samui Resorts, disguised between the ceramic coast line between Indonesia and Indochina, were often overly tropical tropical. When you visit Koh Samui, a small island off the coast of Thailand, you will discover small villages built entirely of bamboo. lush interior of the jungle; Beaches surrounded by turquoise. The breathtaking landscapes of Samui are just a part of the attraction: the local culture gives you the taste of Asian traditions in the region and a unique heritage that is preserved in Buddhist temples with its iconic golden red roofs and rugged fishing villages on the south coast are hidden. While tourism and the bohemian class of artists bring new villages and international restaurants to the dusty white beaches, Koh Samui continues to offer an informal and relaxed alternative to more traditional beach holidays. The family fish restaurants still offer authentic and unspoiled South East Asian cuisine, even if the neighbors are nice nightclubs and upscale boutiques. The Koh Samui tour guide will show you the best of the Thai island, whether you are looking for a modern trip or want to jump into the time of the coconut harvest and the Muay Thai martial arts.

Fresh beaches

The coastline of Koh Samui is almost completely covered with beaches. Here you will find quiet and quiet beaches. After what you are looking for, you will surely find the right one. The most popular and sometimes crowded beaches are Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach on the east side of the island. The cities of these two also offer the greatest work for your guests

Buddhist temple

Are you in to culture and temples? No problem, the temples of Koh Samui are so nice. But there is more to see than the famous Big Buddha, Wat Plai Laem or Wat Khunaram with a mummified monk.

Local Cuisine

No trip to Thailand was completed, without plunging into the delicious, often sharp kitchen. From the curry that will sip your socks on delicious salads and the refreshing Singha beer, there are many discoveries. A perfect way to start your culinary journey is with Thai cooking classes. Cooking schools can be found all over the country, from Koh Samui and Phuket, and classes often have a tour of the market to know the local ingredients.
Alternatively, our team of experts can organize a class or two in the comfort of the kitchen of your villa – so you can enjoy the fruits of your work immediately after the lesson!

Highways and night markets in Koh Samui

Pavana villa Koh Samui staff will teel you that if you like the Thai market, you are right on Koh Samui. They find some scattered around the cities of the island. Apart from the varied and delicious Thai cuisine you can try them, you will find clothes, cocktails and souvenirs – everything you can imagine.
Every Friday night there is a huge pedestrian zone between Fisherman’s Village and The Wharf Samu in Bophut.

Water falls

You can also find some waterfalls in Koh Samui resorts. In addition, you will find some fresh natural pools at the Namuang waterfalls and Namuang 2 waterfalls where you can swim. Because of the cool water they are really cool. But do not jump from the edge, you never know if there is rock in the water. You do not want to be hurt during your trip.
In addition to the famous waterfalls, you will find even more in Koh Samui resorts. Near the town of Nathon we can find the waterfall Hin Lad or near the Lipa Noi, the waterfall of Wanorn. During the season they do not carry much water.

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