Enjoy a wonderful island holiday with the whole family and feel confident traveling with your children. The family friendly hotels in Koh Samui can accommodate you and your children while providing an especially memorable experience for everyone. The luxury family villa resorts in Koh Samui are ready to cater to a collection of diverse needs. Getting to unwind and share a brand-new place and culture with your children or loved ones is immensely rewarding.

Thanks to our luxury family friendly hotels in Koh Samui, you have a golden opportunity to relax in the island breeze with the knowledge that your children won’t tire of the slow pace. As part of the leisure package, children of all ages can look forward to enjoying amazing activities – including clubs for teens and younger kids, exciting water sports, pools, water parks, and more. Kids of all ages will always be able to find an incredible new activity. A Baby Club will take care of all your infant’s needs. Children ages 4 to 8 can enjoy the Mini Club and animation team with arts and crafts and interactive activities. A Junior Club and Teen Club are available with loads of action for the older kids, and a variety of tasty foods are provided along the way. Kids will have the chance to make new friends when parents want their down time, but there’s always plenty of occasions to enjoy the holiday sunshine as a family.

The caring staff in our family hotels at Koh Samui are dedicated to ensuring you and your family have the best holiday possible. Leave it to us to achieve just the right balance between special family time, learning and exploration, pampered moments, and private downtime. This dream vacation will be a reality for everyone along for the luxurious ride.

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